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Welcome to our Nelson County Schools! To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
STUDENT TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT08/03/2021Student WorkerCentral OfficeApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (Science)08/02/2021CertifiedNelson County High SchoolApply
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL08/02/2021CertifiedBloomfield Elementary SchoolApply
STUDENT WORK EXPERIENCE08/02/2021Student WorkerNelson County Early Learning CenterApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER K-507/28/2021CertifiedThe Academy at HorizonsApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (Special Education)07/28/2021CertifiedBloomfield Elementary SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (English)07/28/2021CertifiedThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH-Middle School Football07/28/2021CoachingOld Kentucky Home Middle SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH- Girls Middle School Basketball07/28/2021CoachingBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (Diverse Learners)07/27/2021CertifiedNelson County High SchoolApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - BOYS MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL07/27/2021CoachingOld Kentucky Home Middle SchoolApply
STUDENT SERVICES COORDINATOR07/26/2021CertifiedThe Academy at HorizonsApply
INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT I07/26/2021ClassifiedFoster Heights Elementary SchoolApply
BACKPACK LEADER07/26/2021CertifiedThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
PRINCIPAL07/26/2021CertifiedBloomfield Elementary SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER - ART07/23/2021CertifiedBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
CAFE LEAD ASSIST07/19/2021Food ServiceDistrict WideApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER07/19/2021CertifiedFoster Heights Elementary SchoolApply
SUBSTITUTE CAFE CARETAKER07/19/2021SubstituteDistrict WideApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - Boys' Middle School New Haven07/16/2021CoachingNew Haven SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER - ELA07/16/2021CertifiedBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (SPECIAL EDUCATION)07/16/2021CertifiedNew Haven SchoolApply
WORKFORCE COLLABORATOR07/14/2021ClassifiedThe Academy at HorizonsApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (Special Education)07/12/2021CertifiedBoston SchoolApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH- CHEER07/12/2021CoachingBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
MS AGRICULTURE CLASSROOM TEACHER07/02/2021CertifiedOld Kentucky Home Middle SchoolApply
LITERACY LEADER07/02/2021CertifiedNew Haven SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH - Boys Basketball07/01/2021CoachingThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH - Boys Soccer07/01/2021CoachingThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
CHILDCARE PROVIDER07/01/2021ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
FACILITY LEAD06/28/2021ClassifiedNelson County Area Technical CenterApply
INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT I06/25/2021ClassifiedNelson County High SchoolApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL06/23/2021CoachingNelson County High SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH - BOWLING06/23/2021CoachingNelson County High SchoolApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - BOWLING HIGH SCHOOL COACH06/23/2021CoachingNelson County High SchoolApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - BOWLING HIGH SCHOOL COACH06/23/2021CoachingNelson County High SchoolApply
BUS DRIVER06/15/2021ClassifiedBus Garage (Support Complex)Apply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (STEM/technology)06/14/2021CertifiedBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
VIRTUAL CLASSROOM LEADER06/11/2021CertifiedDistrict WideApply
HEAD ATHLETIC COACH - Tennis06/09/2021CoachingThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH - Cheer Leading06/09/2021CoachingThomas Nelson High SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (MIDDLE SCHOOL-ELA)06/02/2021CertifiedNew Haven SchoolApply
CLASSROOM TEACHER (SPECIAL EDUCATION)06/01/2021CertifiedBloomfield Middle SchoolApply
MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE CLASSROOM TEACHER05/31/2021CertifiedOld Kentucky Home Middle SchoolApply
FAMILY COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR05/26/2021ClassifiedCentral OfficeApply
DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS05/19/2021ClassifiedCentral OfficeApply
MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE CLASSROOM TEACHER05/17/2021CertifiedOld Kentucky Home Middle SchoolApply
ASSISTANT COACH - VOLLEYBALL04/15/2021CoachingNelson County High SchoolApply